Same day test results: Lexile level

When your child completes MAP Growth Reading, the same day score page will include their Lexile level.

Lexile is a measurement of text complexity. When your child reads a book in their Lexile range, they are expected to have 75% comprehension, and this should allow them to follow the story while giving them enough challenge to encourage skill growth.

How to use Lexile measurements in your homeschool:

Choosing books! There are numerous tools and booklists to help find books in a particular Lexile range.

  • Our lists to help you choose Bravewriter Boomerang and Arrow lesson plans that correlate with your child’s Lexile range.

  • has a great book selector tool.

  • Scholastic Book Wizard lets you search by topic-- click on “Reading Level System” to filter by Lexile level.

  • Google “Booklist by Lexile” – lots fo schools and libraries have booklists sorted by Lexile level.

  • Evaluate textbooks- you can register on the Lexile website and use their free Lexile Analyzer to estimate the difficulty of the text in a textbook by entering some sample text. For challenging subjects, a Lexile level on the low end is ideal so the student can focus their efforts on understanding new concepts rather than reading comprehension.